Our company has been established in order to export kinds of auto spare parts with OMTECH and WELLTECH brands mainly for Europian trucks. We have experince more then 10 years about exporting business. Our range that we can supply includes mainly; - Engine Parts (Water Pumps,Gaskets,Oil& Air Filters,Hoses,Fan Blades,Tensioner Roller,fuel hand pumps, flexible pipes &clamps ,Piston) - Clutch ( muster cylinders, clutch servo, repair kits,) - Brakes (Brake shoe pins, spring bushing&pins&bolts,brake adjuster,brake dust cover,diaphragms - Suspensions ( Rubber bushings,spring cushion,u-bolts,repair kits, air springs,stabilizer bar bearings,schock absorber) - Body parts & cabin parts We are enable to supply some spare parts for passenger cars like tensioner roller, glow plugs,tensioner belt, engine support,axle drive parts,cylinder head to suit your market Our aim is to be one of the best supplier of spare parts and to provide service by considering our customer needs

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